A Boy and His Quilts

As an addendum to the last post, I've finally compiled all of Lorenzo's monthly milestone pictures from his first year of life for your viewing pleasure. (He turned one back in January.) It's amazing how much change happens in a just one year.
Months 1-6
7-12 months
Gosh, I love his kid. I'm definitely missing the cuddlier months--way too squirmy to be held these days. (Sigh.)
The countdown to Quilt Market has begun and I've got way too much to do in so little time. Wish me luck. (Eeeee!)


Cartwheels & Twinkles

Pssst. It's me. Lorenzo. I hope you haven't forgotten about me. (I'm the one Mom used to pose on quilts monthly during my first year of life.) 
Well, here are the last couple of pictures that Mom never showed you. (She said they were "pattern testers"--whatever that means.) She called this one Cartwheel and let me lay on it a few minutes before she wrapped it up and gave it to Grandpa and Grandmacita for Christmas.
Cartwheel quilt pattern by Lella Boutique
And then there was this other one--Twinkle. Mom decided to give it to me for my first birthday. She says she made it using fat quarters of "Children at Play" by Sarah Jane Studios (plus a Timeless Treasures word print in there). 
Twinkle quilt pattern by Lella Boutique
When she told me it was the last time I would have to hold still and pose for her on a quilt, I was a little overjoyed. Bye for now.


Baby Starstruck

Starstruck quilt pattern by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique.
Okay so I know I said in my previous post that I wanted to crank out more patterns in the new fabric (and I do!), but I've had a few unfinished projects sitting around that have been nagging at me every time I walk by them. Over the weekend, I made the goal of finishing at least one of them. Meet Baby Starstruck. (Remember my Starstruck layer cake pattern? Fewer squares = perfect baby gift!)
Starstruck quilt pattern by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique.
I used some of my favorite scraps in place of the layer cake squares (25 blocks total arranged 5 x 5). Fabrics are (mostly) Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille for Moda, the houndstooth prints from Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille for Moda, a bit of Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey for Moda, Moda Bella Solids (Scarlet) for the corner accents, and my "Granny" (granny square) print from Into the Woods (seen in squares above AND binding). 
This might become my go-to for quick and easy baby quilts. 


The Goods

Into the Woods
When I was a little girl, my mother would tuck me in under my favorite quilt and tell me the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I’d close my eyes and imagine an enchanting backdrop of pine trees, woodland blooms, and wild roses.
Into the Woods
I’d pack a basket of double chocolate cupcakes and peppermint tea and head down the path to Granny’s. Along the way, I might stop to pick luscious berries and trace my fingers along the bark of the trees. When I arrived, sometimes I’d meet a Big Bad Wolf waiting underneath her granny square quilt. Other times, I’d arrive early and find Granny knitting a new pair of soft pink mittens just for me. Of course, my childhood is long gone now, but I when I like to revisit it, I find myself taking a dreamy stroll down that old familiar path Into the Woods.
Ready to see what I've been doing the last month? 
Meet Twinkle. This quilt pattern was inspired by nighttime in the woods. Twinkle can be made using a jelly roll, layer cake, or fat quarters. Oh, and for the white background, you can use yardage OR sub in a Bella Solid jelly roll. (Just in case you like to simplify your cutting even further.) 
I pieced and quilted Twinkle with a freemotion loop-to-loop design. It took forever but I sure do love the result.
I think Olive may need some new bedding...again. I mean, a girl can never really have too many quilts, right? I also might be addicted to making pillows with pom pom trim.
Twinkle quilt
Next, I really wanted to make a simple wonky block that a lumberjack might have made using his saw. So meet Sawmill, a layer cake quilt. This is a quick one to put together.

I pieced and quilted this one using a freemotion bloom pattern.
Sawmill is my husband's favorite--and since he doesn't generally get too excited about quilts, I knew this design was a keeper.
Next up is Cartwheel. It's made with 3 charm packs...but I'm thinking you could sub in a layer cake and end up with an extra charm pack on your hands.
My amazingly talented friend, Abby (Latimer Lane Quilting), quilted it with a beautiful orange peel design. I could not be happier with how it turned out!
Cartwheel quilt pattern. Fabric is Into the Woods by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique for Moda. Cartwheel quilt pattern. Fabric is Into the Woods by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique for Moda.Cartwheel quilt pattern. Fabric is Into the Woods by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique for Moda.
Some of you have already met Snow Blossoms. I've been dying to make another one forever and Into the Woods couldn't be a more perfect fit! I'm thrilled to re-release it with an updated cover and full color instructions! Ta da!

Snow Blossoms was inspired by the Nordic snowflake pattern and is made using 18 fat quarters. One of my most popular patterns to date!
Abby quilted this one as well and I'm in love. She quilted it with a Baptist fan design and it looks just stunning. Thanks so much, Abby!
Snow Blossoms
Finally, my mom and I collaborated to put together the Cottage Canopy Playhouse pattern. We had been scheming about this one for a couple years and finally made it happen! 

Sweet polka dots and woodcut prints look like they were made for these wonky windows and shutters, don't you think?

My mom and I are really proud of the quality of our Cottage Canopy playhouse pattern. We've included extremely detailed instructions and diagrams including how to use flat-felled seams so there are absolutely no raw seams inside the playhouse.
Additionally, the roof has a special feature to make it easy to slip a hula hoop into the casing of the roof to give the canopy the shape and support it needs.
On the roof, there is a fabric ribbon that can be tied into a bow and hung from the ceiling via a ceiling hook.
It makes such a great little playhouse/reading nook, don't you think? I'm dying to take it outside and a sunny afternoon and hang it beneath a tree with a bunch of throw pillows and quilts. 
Cottage Canopy
Well, that's everything. What do you think?
Into the Woods
Into the Woods ships to stores August 2014 and all of the patterns you've seen here are now listed in my shop.
I have to admit that since I got my yardage, my brain has been flooded with about a million more ideas of projects to make. Guess I better get going to let them all out. (Do I have the best job or what?!)


Into the Woods

Into the Woods 
by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique for Moda.
Showing in April 2014 and will be in stores August 2014.
There may have been a little dancing when the UPS guy dropped this off last night. Now off to get some market sewing done. Wish me luck.



Last month, I got to spend some real quality-time with Momo's newest line with Moda: Avant-Garden. These colors are unreal!
When I first laid eyes upon this collection, I just knew it was destined for a super simple quilt design that would really let the big and bold designs shine. One layer cake later, Starstruck was born. 
I sure love that Momo. Her quirky designs and unexpected color schemes always know how to make my heart skip a beat.
Can we talk about the cherry print? I may need a bolt or two. Adorable.
Also, the selvage. I die.
It will still be several months before you can get your hands on Avant-Garden fabric (July 2014), but the pattern is available in the shop in paper or PDF format. This is one of my new favorite patterns because of how quick and easy it was to make!
It seems like everything I've been working on lately has been a secret so I'm glad to finally show you something. It's just the beginning of many things to be revealed!


Checking In

Block of the Month
Just a couple more weeks until I receive my sample yardage of  my new line with Moda! I'm so excited to get my clutches on it. (If you hadn't already read my interview on the Moda blog, you can learn a few details about the line here).
Until then, I've been busy writing new patterns and taking care of sick kids. Oh and finishing up all 25 blocks for the quilt seen above! It's Fat Quarter Shop's Mystery Designer Block of the Month from 2012. There was enough fabric for me to make 2 of each block and then I made up a 25th--the little apple you see in the center. I got the idea of the on-point quilt-top arrangement from Elaine. I hadn't really been sure how to finish it--I missed out on the finishing kit and was looking for ideas when I came across hers. It was love at first sight and I've been excited to finish mine ever since I saw hers. Brilliant job, Elaine!
It may be a while until I will have time to quilt this one. Any ideas on how I should do it? 


Quilt Fort

Well, this is all the progress I've made on my Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Designer Block of the Month (2012). Two blocks in two weeks. Kind of sad; however, it's not for lack of trying. I've been super busy working on a handful of new patterns, one of which will be released in a couple weeks! (This one uses some new fabric coming out by Momo!)
I was thinking the other day it would be fun to start a flickr group showing what fun adventures your quilts have had. What do you think? The other day Olive and I took a big stack of quilts...
...and made a quilt fort. More like a quilt compound. It was massive. (That's a lot of Bonnie & Camille fabric.)
What fun adventures have your quilts been on? Ours like to frequent the drive-in theater.