21 April 2014

A Boy and His Quilts

As an addendum to the last post, I've finally compiled all of Lorenzo's monthly milestone pictures from his first year of life for your viewing pleasure. (He turned one back in January.) It's amazing how much change happens in just one year.
Months 1-6
7-12 months
Gosh, I love his kid. I'm definitely missing the cuddlier months--way too squirmy to be held these days. (Sigh.)
The countdown to Quilt Market has begun and I've got way too much to do in so little time. Wish me luck. (Eeeee!)


  1. First time on your blog; Congrats on your son's wonderful one year progress! Love your fabrics!!! How can I become a Moda fabrics designer? Any advice?
    Thanks much!

  2. I am in love with this monthly progress of Lorenzo and his quilts! You make adorable children and quilts! :-)

  3. He is so handsome and I just adore his sweet smile!! Good luck with all of your market sewing :)

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